Scouting & Film Services


Our many years of intensive experiences on Kauai means that we can seek out the perfect location for your shooting needs. We will not only help you locate the perfect environment but will also provide accurate tide charts, local knowledge of marine weather patterns, and we will advise you of the appropriate permits needed for the scenes being filmed.

We are fully familiar with scenic and accessible locations in the region that are popular with film productions. We also have wide expertise with locations that are not so easy to access, but have equally beautiful scenery. We can provide production planners with photos of various locations that may be suitable for a specific shoot. We also have crew members able to scout any location, no matter the distance or difficulty.

Marine Fleet

Our full fleet is available to your crew. Whether it be coordinating multiple vessels on the ocean, or taking small crews up the rivers to various locations, we are here to assist you with your specific needs for your project.

Safety Boats, Action Boats and Props

Action Boats
Beach Boats
Police Boats  
Skiffs and Gigs
Sailing Yacht
Dinghy Sailing
Motor Yacht
Fishing Boat
Jet Ski

assorted marine props

Props available for hire:

Kite surfing gear
Windsurfing gear
Stand Up Paddle gear
Fishing gear
Scuba Diving gear

     (Wet Suits, Tanks, Masks and Fins, Weights)